Universal Keys, die cast

with long chain and double ended screwdriver bit, PH 2 + 1,0x7 mm flat blade,
with square for decompressing of heating systems

No. Key shapes
500005 Schlüsselform 70
500012 tl_files/redakteur/arbeitsschutz/500012_schluesselform.jpg 45 48
500029 Schlüsselform 90 74

Multifunction Screwdriver

For almost all common locks on control cubicles. A double turning
mechanism allows four different keys to be positioned on control cubicles.
Universally usable for all common locks on control cubicles.
A 5 mm square provided on the pin is especially suitable for aerating radiator valves.
The universal ¼“ bit holder is suitable for all commercially available bits.
A neodymium permanent magnet keeps the bit safely in place.
A spare bit can be accommodated in the head of the key.
Using the handy clip, the tool can be conveniently fastened to your shirt.
No. Profiles mm
500081 tl_files/redakteur/schraubendreher/500081_profile.png 140